to Grace Church of God in Christ website. We are working to reach God’s people through all available means at all possible times and we thank you for visiting us here. Take a look around and learn more about our services. We pray that you you will be moved to follow our bible study, participate in discussions, and join us in our physical house of worship.

Come And Experience God’s Amazing Grace


Our Mission is to preach the simple truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To heal the broken hearted. To preach deliverance to the entangled and the recovering of sight to the blind. To comfort the hurt and discouraged. To restore the abandoned and forsaken into the fellowship by Grace. To create awareness of our God given gifts that we may serve the Lord with our whole hearts, minds and spirits. Therefore, we are preparing to be a people ready to meet Christ at His return.


To stand non-violently against oppressive powers affecting the natural and spiritual productivity within our homes, churches and communities through comprehensive compassionate outreach ministries.